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Zwilling: Base Cookware set, 5 pcs.

Zwilling: Base Cookware set, 5 pcs.

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Components In Delivery:
1 Stock pot Ø 16cm, Vol. 2l
1 Stock pot, Ø 20cm, Vol. 3,5l
1 Stock pot, Ø 24cm, Vol. 6l
1 Stew pot, Ø 20cm, Vol. 3l
Sauce pan without lid, Ø 16cm, Vol. 1,5l

All pots of the Zwilling cookware set Base are made of stainless 18/10 stainless steel with a matte finish and feature stylish handles for safe handling. The multi-layer pot base with aluminium core distributes the heat evenly into the side wall and stores it very well. The pots are suitable for all types of stoves, including induction and are also oven-safe.

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Product code: 66380-002

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Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

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ZWILLING Base Cookware set, 5 pcs.


Components In Delivery: 1 Stock pot, 2,0 l, 1 Stock pot, 3,5 l, 1 Stock pot, 6,0 l, 1 Stew pot, 3,0 l, 1 Sauce pan without lid, 1,5 l

With the 5-piece cookware set from the Zwilling Base series, you can prepare a simple dish just as efficiently as in a restaurant. The set consists of three saucepans, with 16, 20 and 24 cm diameter, a roasting pot with 20 cm diameter and a saucepan without lid with a diameter of 16 cm. All pots are made of stainless 18/10 stainless steel with a matte finish and feature stylish handles for safe handling.

The tight-fitting lids enable gentle, aromatic cooking with little water, thus helping to save energy. The multi-layer pot base with aluminium core distributes the heat evenly into the side wall and stores it very well. Therefore, the pot remains warm even after switching off the hob for a long time. The pots are suitable for all types of stoves, including induction and are also oven-safe.

The 5-piece cookware set also convinces in terms of ergonomics and design. The folded pot rim allows drip-free pouring and the integrated scale allows you to measure the level accurately. An added benefit is that this set can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This practical cookware set offers you many opportunities in everyday life to prepare delicious meals for your family, friends or guests - no matter if you like to roast, stew, cook pasta pasta or much more.

  • Pouring rim for precise pouring without dripping.
  • Integrated filling scale for accurate measurement of filling quantities.
  • Tight-fitting lid for energy-saving cooking.
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.
  • Ergonomic, stainless steel handles ensure safe handling.
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction for longevity and strength

Additional Information

SKU 66380-002
Hersteller SKU 66380-002-0
Alternative SKU 1006214
Weight (in kg) 7.0000
Manufacturer Zwilling
Series ZWILLING Base
Set 5
Material 18/10 Stainless Steel
EAN 4009839368486
Availability immediate dispatch

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Producer Information

Zwilling J.A. Henckels


The history of the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS brand


A modern company with a long tradition, milestones at a glance

The history of the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS brand starts on June 13, 1731 (under the Gemini star sign). It was on that day that knife-maker Peter Henckels from Solingen registered the "Twin" symbol as his trademark with the Cutlers´ Guild of Solingen. This symbol which is now well-known globally is thus one of the oldest trademarks in the world. Today’s name ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS was given to the Company by a descendant of Peter Henckels, Johann Abraham Henckels.

Today products by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS are recognised globally as the symbol for the highest possible quality and function.

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS is a modern company which traditionally has always used innovative technology to manufacture products and services of the highest quality. Its leading principle: our customers´ satisfaction is our success – everybody is a customer. ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS has consistently set out to supply its customers with the best possible products and services. Based on this commitment Peter Henckels established his company 280 years ago. Today we still consider ourselves bound by the same commitment!


Milestones in fast motion


ZWILLING’s history begins: Peter Henckels registers the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS logo with the Cutler's Guild in Solingen.


Johann Abraham Henckels opens the company's first office in Berlin.


World Exhibition in London: The company exhibits its products, is awarded a medal and thus achieves international recognition.


Highest distinction awarded at the Paris world exhibition.


A sales office is set up in New York, followed a few years later by Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt and Munich as well as Paris and Vienna.


World Exhibition in Chicago. The only medal awarded goes to ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS.


ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS is awarded four first prizes at the World Exhibition in San Francisco.


Opening of a sales office in Paris.


The company opens a new chapter with the launch of its legendary multi-purpose Original Kitchen Shears, setting new standards in design and quality.


Invention of a special ice-hardening process, branded FRIODUR®, for the production of stainless steel cutlery. This process is patented by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS and subsequently all products using this special method are hallmarked accordingly.


Founding a subsidiary in Japan


International launch of the ****FOUR STAR knife series. Having been developed in cooperation with well-known German professional chefs, these knives meet the highest quality standards. By now ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS best selling chef's knife series worldwide.


TWINOX becomes a watchword for quality from the beauty sector.


Founding of Joint Venture China.

Takeover of M.H. Wilkens & Söhne and with it also BSF.


Launch of the knife sharpener TWINSHARP®Select. Ergonomics and stainless steel in a perfect marriage.


ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS takes over the Japanese knife manufacturer Nippa in Seki/Japan.
By acquiring the North American manicure specialist Tweezerman as well as the Jaguar Stahlwarenfabrik ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS establishes a leading position in the global market for beauty and hairdressing tools.
With the launch of cookware products ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS further enhances its kitchen competence.


ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS opens its first concept shop in Paris. A new stage for brand and products.´


With the takeover of Tondeo, manufacturer of high quality hairdressing equipment, ZWILLING establishes its leading position in the field of professional hairdressing tools.

Launch of Miyabi knife range: Japanese blade design and exceptional sharpness – manufactured in Seki/Japan


Takeover the Belgian cookware manufacturer Demeyere, a manufacturer of innovative stainless steel cookware, as well as the company Groupe Staub S.A. from France. Staub is a traditional manufacturer of cast iron and ceramic cooking utensils.


Opening of the company kindergarten TWINNY LAND - Germany's first integrative company kindergarten.


Founding of joint venture in Russia.


ZWILLING celebrates its 280-year company jubilee.
Founding the ZWILLING foundation India. Using the concept “Hand in hand for a better life” the foundation helps Indians with disabilities to learn a trade and lead independent lives.


Share on alessandro INTERNATIONAL - one of the leading companies for hand, nail and feet care as well
as nail design.


Opening of the ZWILLING flagship store on the Düsseldorfer Kö. A pleasant atmosphere invites you to gather experience and join in.

ZWILLING aquires QVS global a leading personal care accessories company. The take-over positions ZWILLING as a leading force in the beauty tools and personal care accessories category.



Group brands



Premium stainless steel products ranging from knives, kitchen gadgets, scissors, cookware, flatware to beauty tools for brand-conscious consumers who value quality and design and who like cooking in company.


Cast iron and ceramic cooking utensils for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste. Staub is one of the world's leading suppliers of cast iron enamel cookware with three production locations in France, as well as a sales and marketing company in the USA.


Knives and accessories for consumers with a preference for Japanese blade design and exceptional sharpness: Authentic knifes from Japanese craftsmanship - made in Seki.


Top quality and innovative stainless steel cookware for the quality-conscious consumer and professional chef with headquarters and production facilities in Belgium.


Stainless steel kitchen products for cost-conscious consumers with a flair for trends.


Flatware for design-conscious consumers, top quality at an appealing price for a modern table setting.



Zwilling J.A. Henckels Deutschland GmbH
Grünewalder Str. 14-22
42657 Solingen

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