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How do I place an order with BetterKitchen.eu?


1. Shopping Cart

Choose the products that you would like to order by clicking the “Add to Cart”-button. This puts your choice into the Shopping Cart. You can change the items in the Shopping Cart at any time before submitting the order, by changing the desired amount of a product, by clicking the “Delete”-button and thus clearing your choice, or by aborting the order process. Clicking the “Checkout”-button takes you to the next step in the order process.

2. Checkout

Please log in using your e-mail address and your password if you already have a customer account, otherwise please register as a new customer. The provided data will be collected, handled and used in accordance with (German) data protection laws (Data Protection Policy). Your data will not be used elsewhere or given to third parties. When you are logged in, you can now choose your preferred shipping method. By clicking “Continue” you will proceed to the next step.

3. Review billing address / select payment method

Please review your billing address and select your preferred payment method. Clicking the “Continue”-button will take you to the next step of the order process.

4. Review delivery address / select shipping method

Please review your delivery address and select your preferred shipping method. Clicking the “Continue”-button will take you to the next step of the order process.

5. Finishing your order / General Business Terms and Data Protection

Here you get a summary of your order: the items you’ve chosen, your selected delivery- and payment method, and your contact details. Please review all your information and read our General Business Terms and our Withdrawal Policy. Your order will not be processed, unless you accept our General Business Terms and our Cancellation Policy (checkbox). By clicking the “Buy now”-button you’re submitting your order, making a legally binding bid.

Withdrawal Policy for Customers

All information concerning our Withdrawal Policy