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Staub: Nickel Lid-Knob, Large

Staub: Nickel Lid-Knob, Large

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Dieser Knauf von Staub aus vernickeltem Edelstahl ist ein Ersatzteil für Staub Cocottes und Bräter Deckel mit einer Größe von Ø18cm bis Ø41cm. Knauf Größe: Ø 4cm

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Product code: 1671013

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Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

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Staub Knauf, vernickelt

In verschiedenen Größen erhältlich:

  • klein: Ø 2 cm, Höhe: 1,4 cm, passend für alle kleinen Deckel von Staub mit einer Größe bis 12 cm
  • mittel: Ø 2,8 cm, Höhe: 1,8 cm, passend für alle Deckel von Staub mit einer Größe von 12 – 17 cm
  • groß: Ø 4 cm, Höhe:2,5 cm,  passend für alle Deckeln von Staub mit einer Größe von 18 – 41 cm

Dieser Knauf von Staub aus vernickeltem Edelstahl ist ein Ersatzteil für  Staub Cocottes und Bräter.

Additional Information

SKU 1671013
Hersteller SKU 40509-763-0
Alternative SKU 1004183
Weight (in kg) 0.0500
Manufacturer Staub
Material Cast Iron
EAN 3272340021220
Diameter 4 cm
Height 2.5 cm
Availability immediate dispatch

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Producer Information





Staub was established in 1974 by Francis Staub in Alsace, a region in eastern France known for its rich history of craftsmanship and culinary excellence. The stork in the Staub logo is a traditional symbol of Alsace and a sign of the company’s heritage, character and identity. To this day, all of our cast-iron cookware is made in France. But we set standards worldwide: Staub is the brand of choice among many of the world’s most renowned chefs – including Paul Bocuse. Our products come with the guarantee of flawless quality and are proven in day-to-day use in the kitchens and on the tables of prestigious restaurants as well ashouseholds. In June 2008, Staub became a member of the German based ZWILLING Group, a specialist in top-quality knives and kitchen utensils.


Made in France: Traditional and authentic craftsmanship

Each product is individually crafted using time-honored manufacturing processes. Production includes a hundred visual or technical inspection points to ensure that each item fulfills our uncompromising quality standards.


Majolica enamel expertise

Special majolica enamels: comprising 100% glass

The special technique used to give majolica enamels their color results in uniquely glossy enamel in deep and intense shades.

The three-coat majolica enameling process:
1. Black base coat applied to prepare the rough cast iron, guaranteeing a superior finish by smoothing over small irregularities in the cast surface.
2. Colored enamel coating.
3. Finish coating, a special majolica formula that gives the colors a high gloss and very intense shade with marked contrasts.


Table culture in 8 colors

With their fine quality and exquisite enamel finish, Staub products go elegantly from the kitchen to the table. The outer surfaces are given at least two coats of enamel using an innovative technique.


Matte black finish

Pot interiors are enameled with a matte black finish.
• High-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermalshocks and scratching.
• Ideal properties for searing, roasting and caramelizing.
• Favored by renowned chefs and people who love to cook.
• Easy to clean and convenient to use.


The chef’s choice

Since 1998, Staub and Paul Bocuse, triple star chef for half a century, have cooperated closely together to the benefit of cocotte cooking lovers. After many years, the collaboration has taken concrete form with products and novel recipes. A Paul Bocuse cocotte with a unique design was developed, followed by a series of gourmet recipes created by the Paul Bocuse Institute. “If I had just one secret, it would be that of a well-designed product.” Paul Bocuse, globally renowned chef, writer and ambassador of French cuisine, elected Chef of the Century in New York by the prestigious Culinary Institute of America