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LocknLock: Container Boroseal Round 760 ml (LLG841)

LocknLock: Container Boroseal Round 760 ml (LLG841)

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Round Lock & Lock food container from the Boroseal series.

168 x 71 mm
Vol: 760 ml

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Product code: LLG841

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Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

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Advantages of heat-resistant glass

The difference lies in the raw material. Unlike the ordinary carbonate of lime glass, this product is borosilicate glass containing a special heat-resistant composite of borosilicate which is safe, even with sudden temperature changes.

Lock & Lock Boroseal products can withstand temperatures of up to 400° C, which means you can bake or cook in them and keep leftovers in the container, using the Lock & Lock lid to store them in your fridge, keeping them fresh longer. You can then put the container in the microwave for reheating the food. This saves time since you only need one dish for the whole procedure.

Lock & Lock Boroseal containers are also microwave safe, top rack dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

Save Food, Save Money, Save Space

Lock&Lock's food containers are perfect for storing fresh and frozen foods, from cut-up fruits and vegetables to leftovers or dinners. They are also great for keeping pasta, rice, flour, sugar, crackers, cookies, and other cupboard or pantry items fresh for longer, securely stored, and organized. The versatile storage containers can be used to transport lunches to and from work or school, or even for storing smaller kitchen, office, or craft items.

Lock&Lock offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with a securely locking lid for airtight storage. Also, the clear body of the containers makes identifying contents easy, no labels required.

Airtight Containers with Four-Sided Locking System

Lock&Lock food containers feature an innovative four-sided locking system for an airtight seal and watertight storage so food stays fresh longer with no leaks or spills to worry about. The four sides of the locking system promote an airtight seal due to equal pressure to all four sides, along with the hollow-center silicon sealing ring that makes it possible to lock tightly.

Lid blocking system

Lock&Lock lids feature four side flaps that are hinged and slightly flared at the end for an easy grip when opening. More importantly, they come with openings that line up with matching knobs on the base of the containers, making it easy to latch the lid to the base, locking it into place. This patented blocking hole system maintains the integrity of the lid and helps promote an easy, tightly locked container.

Silicone seal

In addition to the blocking hole system, the BasicLine series features a blue hollow-center silicon ring in the lid that helps create an airtight, leak-proof seal. Generic silicon with a solid center doesn't compress as well and doesn't have the same restorative power as hollow-center silicon, which means an inferior seal. Lock&Lock's hollow-center silicon seal helps to ensure an airtight seal.


When testing the freshness of foods, one of the most important factors is the permeability of the container. In comparison to other brands, the permeability of Lock&Lock products showed to be superior. Test results show Lock&Lock airtight containers allow in up to 6,000 times less moisture than other containers, making them far more airtight.

Healthy Living

Food containers from the Lock&Lock BasicLine series have passed the strict hygiene and safety tests of the U.S. FDA and German SGS. They are made of BPA-free plastic, are durable, and heat-resistant.

Space-Saving Design

All Lock&Lock containers offer a stacking system for maximum space efficiency. The flat lids make it easy to stack one container on top of another. A slight edge helps to keep stacked containers securely in place, whether in the freezer, refrigerator, or cupboard.

Additional Information

Hersteller SKU LLG841
Weight (in kg) 0.3500
Manufacturer LocknLock
Series Boroseal
Material Glas
EAN 4025215093667
Color Transparent
Diameter 16.8 cm
Volume 760 ml
Height 7.1 cm
Availability immediate dispatch

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Producer Information

Please note that LocknLock was called Lock & Lock (often written Lock&Lock) before 2021.
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