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Demeyere: Set small sauté pans

Demeyere: Set small sauté pans

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Set of small sauté pans by Demeyere. With 3-ply capsule base. 4 pieces without lid.

Ø 12 cm / 4.7''- 0.35 l / 0.37 qt - ¤ 10.5 cm / 4.13''

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Delivery Time: immediate dispatch

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Demeyere set small sauté pans


  • Ø 12 cm / 4.7''- 0.35 l / 0.37 qt - ¤ 10.5 cm / 4.13''


  • without lid
  • 4-piece set
  • 3-layer capsule base 3,5mm/0,14
  • 18/10 stainless steel - Outside: high gloss finish - Inside: mat finish
  • welded stainless steel handle
  • suitable for oven and all cookers, induction included
  • 2-year guarantee (no guarantee for professional use)

Mini Series

Minimal in size, but maximal in results. This mini series by Demeyere is not only endearing, the small pots and mini sauté pans are also especially practical and versatile. The small pots with lid for example are ideal for serving soups or little casseroles. The small sauté pans are a nice alternative for serving a mini dish or dessert.

Moreover, these small pots and sauté pans give an extra touch to your buffet. Practical: their heat conducting base allows them to be kept warm easily. The mini series by Demeyere can be used in the oven and on all types of hobs, induction included.

The casseroles and sauté pans have a diameter of 12cm/4,7" and are made from high gloss polished 18/10 stainless steel. They have a 3-layer 3,5mm/0,14" base for optimal heat conduction. These mini pots and sauté pans are sold in sets of 4 pieces.


3-ply capsule base

For the saucepots, saucepan and stockpot of the Young by Demeyere range, Demeyere uses walls of stainless steel, combined with a 3-ply capsule base of 4 mm/0.16”. The 3-layer material has 18/10 stainless steel on the inside, and pure aluminum for optimal heat distribution and magnetic stainless steel on the outside. This layer makes sure that these products can be used on all types of cookers, induction included. They can be used in the oven as well.


Cast handles

Because of their design and form of “cast” 18/10 stainless steel, the handles mostly remain fairly to very cool on electric/induction cookers. They are developed to minimize the heat conduction so you can easily hold them (50°C or 120°F). Watch out for gas cookers … flames lapping the edge of the base can heat up the handles.


Hygienic and easy to clean

Demeyere finds the area of hygiene very important. No rivets or screws are to be found on the inside of the products, easy to grasp handles and hermetically sealed bottom … all measures are taken at design and manufacturing levels in order to prevent dirt, fat or bacteria accumulating and to ensure our cooking materials are hygienic when in service.

In addition, Demeyere cooking materials are easy to maintain. All products are dishwasher-resistant and have a surface treatment (Silvinox or Brinox) for long durability.


Additional Information

SKU 82012
Hersteller SKU 40850-410-0
Weight (in kg) 1.4000
Manufacturer Demeyere
Set 4
EAN 5412191820124
Diameter 12 cm
Volume 350 ml
Width 2 cm
Base Diameter 10,5 cm
Suitable type of stove Ceranfeld, Elektro, Gasherd, Induktion
Delivery Time immediate dispatch

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Producer Information

Demeyere G.C.V.


Made in Belgium
Demeyere G.C.V. founded in 1908 and has produced top quality stainless steel cooking utensils since 1967. In 1999, the brand received the title “Belgian Royal Warrant Holder”. 100% Made in Belgium.
Reasons to buy Demeyere G.C.V.

Technology adapted to the cooking function
Demeyere G.C.V. is the only company in the world that adapts the technological concept of each product to the specific requirements of the typical cooking processes and recipes associated with this product. Engineers develop – without compromise – the technologies that comply with these requirements. In that regard, the Demeyere G.C.V. products are unique and provide an answer to the most diverse and complex cooking questions.
InductoSeal / InductoBase®: perfect heat distribution
For the straight saucepans, pots, soup kettles and straight sauté pans, Demeyere G.C.V. uses walls of stainless steel, combined with a heat-conducting 7 layer base: InductoSeal or InductoBase. This guarantees high efficiency on all types of cookers, even at low temperatures.
7-PlyMaterial up to the edge
For Demeyere G.C.V. frying pans, conic sauté pans, simmering pots, grill pan and woks, a multilayer material is used up to the edge (7-PlyMaterial). It guarantees that the heat is spread evenly over the whole surface of the pan right up to the rim. The total thickness depends on the typical cooking process for which the product is used:
– For woks: 2,3 mm/0.09”: 230°C/450°F at the bottom - 140°C/280°F at the sides
– For conic sauté pans, simmering pans, grill pan and 4-star frying pans (skillets): 3 to 3,3 mm/0.12” to 0.13”
– For the 5-star professional frying pans (skillets): 4,8 mm/0.19”
Demeyere G.C.V. developed TriplInduc, a combination of three alloys that assures that you can use the cookware on all types of hobs, including induction, and that you can switch from any type of hob to the other at any time. With its excellent magnetic properties, TriplInduc leads to up to 30% more efficiency when using induction cooking. Finally, the base will not deform and remains flat, even after years of use.
Silvinox® surface treatment
All Demeyere G.C.V. products are made from 18/10 stainless steel. The mat polished series by Demeyere G.C.V. are equipped with Silvinox, a unique electrochemical surface treatment. Silvinox enriches stainless steel 18/10 by removing iron and impurities from the surface and makes sure stainless steel remains silvery white, even after years of use.
Energy Saving
Cooking with Demeyere G.C.V. cookware is economical thanks to the combination of superconductive bases, perfectly fitting lids and insulating sides. Tests have shown that cooking without a lid or with a lid that is not heavy enough, consumes 2.8 times more energy than otherwise. The stainless steel lids of Demeyere G.C.V. are a perfect match for our cooking pots; they provide a hermetic seal and save energy. The sides of the cookware have a thickness of 0,8 to 1 mm/0.03 to 0.04”. This ensures that the heat is retained optimally and less energy is used.
Pioneers in Induction
Even more than with other systems, the quality of the pan is essential with induction. Thanks to unique materials and technologies, cooking on induction with Demeyere G.C.V. cookware is even faster, even more easily regulated and even more economical than with cookware from the competition. As pioneers in induction pans, Demeyere G.C.V. not only developed TriplInduc, but also ControlInduc, a safety system that limits the maximum temperature to 250°C/485°F on induction cookers. It avoids burning and makes sure that the pan remains warm without the risk of overheating.
Functional and esthetic
Demeyere G.C.V. prides itself in manufacturing beautifully styled pots and pans and collaborates with nationally and internationally renowned and distinguished designers. Cookware should not only work efficiently but should also be pleasing to the eye and ergonomic. In that way, because of their design, the stainless steel handles of Demeyere G.C.V. are ideal to hold.
Brand of the professional chefs
All Demeyere G.C.V. cooking utensils are developed to comply with and compliment the needs of the modern, professional cook. That is why many professional chefs all over the world prefer to use Demeyere G.C.V. products. They all want security, efficiency, durability and above all, optimal control on their preparations.
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